Press Statement

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An intensive campaign of rumor purporting that “President Isaias is terminally ill, his health is deteriorating”, has been spread over the last few weeks. The fact that the source of this fairytale is none other than Langley with its author the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) could not even deceive the naïve.

The personality they couldn’t overpower for the last 26 years and whose resilience, their demonizing campaigns waged in the past 20 years could not suppress, are now resorting to acting out their fantasies like hopeless superstitious and placing their trust on the burning of incense and myrrh supplicating for the ill-health of President Isaias Afwerki.

Rumors notwithstanding, President Isaias is in robust health, and by all means of medical standard, is at the peak of his health.

Ministry of Information

22, April 2012