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Commitment To The People: Political Culture Of The Eritrean Leadership

The Eritrean people and its vanguard organization, the People’s Front, have practically proved that clean and committed leadership is one of decisive factors for success. Thanks the Eritrean people, despite the limited national capacity, rallied under the umbrella of the exemplary and committed leadership of the EPLF their perseverance and national fervor was transformed into indomitable power and did a miracle in the struggle for independence..

Such a legacy did not stop after Eritrea secured its independence. Our leadership has been able to organize, allot and enable the utilization of meager resources on top of global challenges to transform the reality into something hopeful.

The miraculous achievements registered in the struggle for independence as well as in the development endeavors stand witness to the fact that how much a dedicated leadership can achieve. It is also a witness to the fact that a leadership that puts the interest of the collective before that of its own, or one that has been able to forge a unity in action as well as vision can generate an intense and effective mighty force able to withstand any sort of challenge.

Leading an exemplary as well as normal life and working with full dedication, always putting the interest of the collective before that of is one of the unique characteristics of our leadership. Being elected to an offi ce in Eritrea means one putting the interests of the people before his interests and toiling day and night to forward the interests of the people. As it is the case in numerous nations, people in high echelons of government do not accomplish much other than sitting in their offi ces and passing orders and directives through papers. Our leadership excels in the fact that they maintain fi rst hand participation in the day-to-day activities of the nation and its people. They maintain a close watch over issues of the nation. All in all, our leaders are the personifi cation of exemplariness. Their only reward being the development of their people.

Eritrea has been able to register huge leaps of progress despite its short age. Development unparalleled in its example in different social and economic sectors has been recorded thanks to its dedicated leadership. Therefore, putting the interests of the collective ahead of anything, one of the many characteristics of this nation that has been fostered through our unique political culture and historic experience should be preserved and further safeguarded. For it is a proud resource that stands as an insurance of our future.



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