Business is booming.

Eritrea: Land of Investment

Numerous journalists representing different media outlets who came to Eritrea during the Independence celebrations for an interview with His Excellence President Isaias Afwerki have remarked that they have found Eritrea to be a stable nation and a potential investment haven.Many factors qualify Eritrea as an ample investment ground, the major one being its political stability and social security.

Needless to point out that stability is a precondition towards any sort of action, as investing in a place where anarchy and disorder reign is folly.Addressing this issue from a logical standpoint, the current status quo and political reality of the world deems several locations unworthy of making an investment in. However, Eritrea is completely different as it has a progressive system of effective and productive administration; and it is a place where common occurrences in other parts of the world such as robbery, theft and corruption are practically non-existent.

The development of service rendering sectors as well as infrastructural systems comes next to ensuring stability in a nation. Comparing Eritrea with other nations of our region, Eritrea is relatively in a better position in regard with this issue. The past 18 years, the people of Eritrea have worked to lay a foundation for infrastructural development. Consequently, their undertaking in the nation building process has guaranteed Eritrea as an ideal spot for venture and similar commercial activities.

The combined efforts by the government and people of Eritrea have made the nation very appealing for investment. In fact, some ventures in sectors such as mining and agro-industry have been already made. There are huge investment possibilities in fi sheries and industrial development among many others. Owing to the fact that Eritrea is strategically located, there’s also a bright prospect it could become a fi nancial center as well as a free trade zone.

The combination of Eritrea’s political stability and security, its many unexploited resources, a leadership dedicated to the wellbeing and development of its people and its hard working population therefore, attests to the fundamental truth on ground, that Eritrea is a nation that is made for investment.

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