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Exploits In Sports That Manifested The Potential of Our Youth

Comparatively speaking, it has been a while since modern sports were introduced in Eritrea in contrast with our region and continent. The intro-duction of sports, which traces its roots to the times of Italian colonization, has allowed Eritreans to be active in different sports. In its introduction, not only did it not take time for the youth to actively participate in different physical activities, but also the era saw the blossoming of different clubs, federations as well as different sport associations.

However, sports did not continue to develop in Eritrea due to multiple reasons, one being the Eritrean people have been all heartedly engaged in the struggle for independence and due to colonialism and the atmosphere of war. Hence, colonization and recurring instances of war failed to provide Eritreans with conducive environment to engage in full fl edged sports activities. And as a result, sports activities have been al-most inactive for almost a quarter of a century.

Right after Eritrea became a sovereign country in 1991 through long and bitter struggle,  the Government of Eritrea formed a governmental commission whose sole concern is overseeing the development of sports activities and in a short period of time different sports federations and clubs were formed that quickly blossomed sports activities in the country. The youth were once again engaging in sports full heartedly. Today, we see Eritreans achieve colorful victories in different sports and especially in the track and field. Although it is obvious that there’s yet a lot to accomplish for Eritrea in the field of sports, the past and present triumphs of Eritreans stand wit-ness that Eritreans have a bright prospect for the future. Sports activities, besides their input in developing the mental and physical condition of the youth is also one part of the culture that strengthens and creates warm communal life, common spirit and nationalism through generating the spirit of competitiveness and spiritual satisfaction.

And hence, it would not be an understatement to state that sports can have a considerable contribution in a time our country Eritrea is engaged in cultural development so as to bring forth the best of its culture and legacies. The Government of Eritrea is hence, in line of its work in ensuring food security and eradicating poverty, has been paying a considerable attention to developing sports as well. Investment towards sports will increase along side the economic development we are registering. It is, hence, easy to speculate that the colorful results our sportsmen are registering so far with the very limited investment with time and economic development Eritrea will become one of the renowned countries in the world in the field of sports.

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