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Ensuring Widespread Acess To Education Vis-a-vis The Objective Of Social Justice

When one addresses the matter of nation building, often it is the case of human capital development. It is an endeavor to develop the capaci-ties of human beings through empowering them with different voca-tions and skills. And the starting ground for any kind of profi ciency and expertise is education. As a result of such an outlook, the Government of Eritrea has been working to vest all citizens and especially the youngsters with different vocations and skills by setting up and opening different institutes that provide academic as well as technical education. As a result, thousands of Eritrean youngsters from all over the nation have been enrolling in those schools to acquire important skills and join the workforce.The presence of equal opportunities in all regions of the country is one of the main measurements for a developed society. A society or a nation that has not been able to create equal access to resources can not be expected to register development.

And hence, the introduction of widespread access to education enables the speedy attainment of de-velopment on top of overhauling existing inequality between different socio-economic classes. Ensuring equal opportunity is, therefore, the main underpinning of social justice.As it is well acknowledged social justice is a vision of the country and the people of Eritrea. Our national objective is to create an econo-my where every citizen has access to equal opportunity of resources of the country.  Our objective is to eradicate the existed disparity among the different sections of the society, minimize the economic gap be-tween the haves and have-nots and ensuring balanced economic devel-opment in all regions of the country.

Thus, creating opportune grounds for youngsters from all sections of our society to partake in education gives a further thrust to our efforts in acquiring development and all that we wish to happen.It can not be overly stated that the biggest asset we have in acquir-ing our national objectives is our manpower. And since our manpower must be armed with technological advancement and knowledge, con-ducive environment has been laid so as all the youth from the different sections of the society receive equal opportunity of education. More-over, the Government of Eritrea is currently engaged in furthering the provision of vocational education and trainings for fellow citizens.

All government ministries, starting from the Ministry of Defense, are en-gaged in providing successive training  programs for the youth. The ef-fort that is being exerted by all government institutions and the society is to develop the knowledge and skill of the youth and hence to ensure equal opportunity for all and thereby guarantee the national objective social justice.

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