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Challenges For Preserving Media Sovereignty

The era we are right now is one that is of economic disparity. And similarly, there’s an unequal access to media and information. Similar to the economic fraud being conducted to control and dominate the resources of the world under the pretexts of free market it is also being witnessed in the mass media the hegemony by different entities under the guise of free press and private ownership to become the dominating voice and to ensure ones agenda and desires through monopolizing information. These days, the media outlets that have become the main sources of information are owned by few capitalist elements and only work towards expressing the opinion of their owners. Even those media outlets that are set by other countries other than the west even have become the willing tools of the west.
It is evident that the sleazy and shady ways of the western media works only towards carrying out the wishes of the few elite that exist on top of the social pyramid even if it means the gross violation of the right of the masses. As collection and dissemination of information from all parts of the world requires a huge budget, the source of information of even those unaffiliated non western media outlets are the western media foundations which have a huge capital at their disposal. The powers that have a say over this issue, therefore, set the agenda in line with their view, judgment and outlook on any issue of relevance whatsoever and present a different and fabricated news items. Such trumped-up stories of forgery pose further difficulty especially to developing societies in their quest for information.
There’s also the case that has presented a twisted understanding of the concepts of thanks to the nonstop harangue campaigns. Such distortions create havoc especially in societies that have no or limited access to information, posing a hurdle to the creation of free, responsible and sovereign media outlet. And since the income of media outlets is mostly dependent on ad revenue, budding media outlets in other parts of the world with some acceptance even echo the claims of those western media outlets for fears of losing their ad revenue if they have differing outlook from that propagated by the western media.
Needless to point out that, those days, media entities that vehemently confront and voice their opposition of the political, military and economic hegemony of the west will be faced with intense negative pressures that extend from mere smear campaigns to full fl edged engagement. Such a known fact has caused many media identities to only voice and subscribe to reports that will be liked by the west for fears of reprisal.
Therefore, as mentioned above, forces of our globe working towards instilling and inculcating their ways, ideas, influence as well as culture, are also working to ensure their dominance over the broad mass media. And even though those forces are evidently working towards their end, the dominated masses should also work towards establishing their own, free and representing media outlets. They need to become aware of the motives of western media and the hidden agenda they carry. And the responsible and free Eritrean media that is budding free of such influences could be taken as one worthy reference.

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