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Existence of united Ethiopia: Unwavering Eritrean Stance

The fabrication of non-existent national threats so as to addle the attention of the people from the mainstream political status quo to other less critical issues has been an age old trick employed by regimes bereft of popular support in their bid to lengthen their power hold. And as it is often the case, a regime that is on the verge of collapse every once in a while attempts to dig up and employ an old trick from the book; today we witness the TPLF regime repeat the claims of the previous Ethiopian regimes, that the Government of Eritrea is working to cause the rift and division of Ethiopia supposedly because Eritrea is a small nation that can not withstand the existence of united and strong Ethiopia.

It is very naïve to assume that this age old dirty trick will work for the despotic TPLF regime when it has failed to work for the past Ethiopian regimes. And also, it is out of place for the regime to speak about Ethiopian unity and oneness, as it is to be recalled that, the regime, in its infancy and days of its political toddling, authored the 68 Manifesto. The objective that is stated in that manifesto set their specific target to forward the regime’s desires, than work towards the unity of Ethiopia.
The EPLF opposed and asked for the revision of the Manifesto from the beginning because it fundamentally believed that the question of the Tigrayan people was a question of colonization as opposed to a question of self-determination. Even after the TPLF clique seized power and ratified article 39, an infamous article that made secession legitimate, the Government of Eritrea openly voiced its concerns, although it was a decision that belonged solely to the Ethiopian people. Such and many more incidents illustrate the fact on the ground, that it has never been the desire of the Eritrean people and their leadership to see a divided and weak Ethiopia.
The Eritrean stance on the issue of Ethiopia has always been ever clear and unwavering since the times of our struggle. The people and Government of Eritrea have never entertained a ruse to divide Ethiopia. The EPLF worked jointly with different Ethiopian political entities not because it wanted to divide Ethiopia, but rather because it sought to open a new chapter of mutual cooperation and peaceful coexistence. It is the desire of the Eritrean Government and people to have a united and strong neighbor, because, strength and unity in Ethiopia, adds further strength to Eritrea.
Considering that the past successive regimes of Ethiopia caused havoc in this region by becoming willing tools of external forces, there may be some elements that look united and strong Ethiopia as a threat. However, the people and Government of Eritrea harbor no such sentiment. Because no matter how much the power of Ethiopia is stretched the people of Eritrea have proved it time and time again that it con not be a threat. It is the display of the confidence the people of Eritrea has that, during the struggle for independence they defeated the Haileslasie regime and its westerns allies, crushed the biggest army in black Africa and even allowed the prisoners of war to leave Eritrea peacefully. This was once again repeated after independence, when the people of Eritrea successfully foiled the TPLF war of aggression.
For this reason, a united and strong Ethiopia can not pose a threat to Eritrea. And Eritrea has no strategic reason whatsoever to attempt to divide Ethiopia. A desire to divide and weaken others is something that could only be conceived by a regime like the TPLF. The people and Government of Eritrea, however, are firm believers in the need for the existence of united and strong Ethiopia.

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