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Giorgis’s travels: The incredible adventure…Part V

It was winter and it started snowing before Giorgis knew it. “It was my first time to see snow in my life. I jumped up to the back of the car deciding to stay the night there but I couldn’t bear the cold. I mean I had experienced cold weather before but this was quite something else. And on top of it, I had taken off and threw away my boots to help me run faster so I was on bare feet, which made it even worse for me.”

Early the next morning, with the break of dawn, Giorgis had to wake up and maintain the stronghold of his hideout. He defied nature and refused to succumb to the coldest weather he encountered in his life. And everything he had done was just to get to the US and start a better life as a normal citizen. He stayed under the Ford until the doors of the company were opened and waited a little longer for the premises to be clear.

“I said to my self that this is my chance. I cleared the perimeter with my eyes and started to crawl out. But when I stood up all my hope faded away and I was left in despair when a firm had grip caught me from the behind. It was the morning security of the company; a very huge guy. With the winter cold of New York that hit me all night summed up with hunger, I didn’t even try to run away. I just put my head down and mumbled in shock”.

The search team from the ship had already reported to the morning and afternoon shift of the security for a man that fit the description of Giorgis because they last loose him around the area. The security kept him under his custody and started making a couple of calls. “The first phone call was to order me breakfast, which was indeed humane of him to do so and the second call was to the captain of the ship”.

A couple of minutes later, the breakfast came and the security brought him a pair of boots. Later, the manager of the company arrived and had a little chit chat with the guard and gave me his coat seeing that I was wearing summer kind of clothes. Giorgis wore the coat, which made both the manager and the guard burst out in laughter. “At first I couldn’t understand why they were laughing; besides I was too depressed to laugh. But later I looked at myself on a mirror inside the security room; I was looking like a typical American and I started laughing at myself”.

It took a little less than an hour before the ship crew arrived. When the captain saw Giorgis he was amazed at what he was looking on the one hand and couldn’t control his anger on the other. They took him back to the ship giving him lecture along the way that he would be locked up the rest of the way back to Djibouti, but they had one last cruise to California before they completed the first trip.

The captain of the ship became so serious about Giorgis after the New York incident and always kept him behind closed doors and close watch. Before continuing to California, the ship docked in Panama for a little while and they took out Giorgis from his cell. He didn’t know where they were taking him until he realized he was being left at the Panama city penitentiary under custody until the ship concludes its trip to California. “I burst out in anger, because I had yet another plan in my mind to breakout in California. But, the captain was tired of my continued attempts. Besides, he was so mad he couldn’t find my friend Tekle; he had already made it to the main streets of New York and disappeared”.


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