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From ‘ Ugly Duckling’ to ‘ Beautiful Swan’

Skin- Care Tips for Office Women

Not every woman looks like Audrey Hepburn, one of the best-loved Hollywood actresses of all time. If you work hard, all day, in front of a computer in an air- conditioned office, your skin will likely turn dry and/or pale. Don’t blame Mother Nature for being too hard on your looks! Why? You can beat her by following some simple skin-care tips. In fact, you might be pleasantly surprised. The “simple” tips might transform an “ugly duckling” into a beautiful “swan”.

Dry Skin

Are you ever annoyed that your makeup doesn’t look natural? “ One of the root causes of such a problem is your skin lacks water, which might be attributed to various reasons, such as your air- conditioned work environment and the changes in temperature,” says Zhang Lizhen, beauty consultant from Xi’an, in Northwest China’s Shaanxi Province.

It is obvious that you must “water” your skin, but how? “ The most direct way to moisturize your skin is to be use a facial spray. But before you do, be sure to absorb the oil on your face with a piece of facial oil absorbent paper, and then wipe, with a wet cotton pad, the dirt off your face,” suggests Zhang.

“Another easy, and effective, way to moisturize your skin is to drink, in the early morning, some soup with red dates. It may, in addition to moistening your skin, promote blood circulation.”

Pale Spotted Skin

Studies indicate that long-term exposure to computer radiation might cause pale, spotted skin. “ No matter how late you go to bed every night, you must never muddle through the work of cleaning your skin, especially your facial skin,” says Zhang. “ First, you should remove your makeup with a cleanser. After that, cover your face, with a towel soaked in warm water, for about a minute. Finally, wash with a facial cleanser… while gently massaging with your fingers.

“ If your skin is oily, you may wash your face, with some table salt, once or twice a week. It is quite simple: Pour a spoonful of salt into your palm, and then add some warm water. Apply the solution to your face, while you gently massage it. Move your fingers in circles. Finally wash your face clean.”

Around the Eyes

“As the skin around your eyes is more sensitive than that of the other parts of your body, you should pay special attention to … it,” says Zhang. “It is especially important if you often stay up late, as black rings and crow’s feet might appear around your eyes. But don’t fret it; you can do something to remedy the situation.

“For example, you may rub, with a gel or a cream, the skin around your orbital bones, which are right under your eyes. Be careful not to rub harshly, as it may it may irritate the skin. Close your eyes, and cover them with cucumber slices, to make your eyes cool. Relax for several minutes and, gradually, the dark circles around your eyes may vanish. It may also help you remove the wrinkles around your eyes.

“When your eyes ache from reading or staring at a computer all day, pamper yourself with some tea. You may drink a cup, of course, or you may wet two tea bags with warm or cool water, and lie down with one tea bag on each eye. Relax for at least 15 minutes, and your eyes will feel invigorated Chilled chamomile tea bags are particularly effective against puffiness.”

By Guwentong
*Form “women of China” August 2009


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