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Sudan-Sudan Solution: Sole Option to Sudanese Issues

In the awake of the absence of peace, security and stability over the past half century that impeded development programs and prosperity, Sudan today finds itself at a critical juncture amid conflicts and political crises. Hence, the country is in a historical stage in which its citizens and political forces are called upon to demonstrate utmost awareness and wisdom.  Parallel with the prevailing conflicts in various corners of the Sudan that require solution, preparations are underway for the holding of a Referendum in South Sudan. 

At such a delicate situation, Sudanese brothers are called upon to give priority attention to the issue of sovereignty in recognition of the fact that the existence and continuity of a united Sudan comes first and foremost above political campaigns and elections.

Although the people of South Sudan have full right to freely decide their own future, the entire Sudanese people and political forces in the country should, nonetheless, seriously ponder over the issue of secession and its possible negative consequences and lasting problems.

As it has repeatedly reiterated, the Government of Eritrea maintains that the sole solution to all Sudanese problems rests on Sudan-Sudan solution (SEUDENA). Otherwise, the internationalization of domestic political tension or internal conflicts would but only complicate matters, and as such the Sudanese people should not give any room to overt and covert external interference. Hence, they are duty-bound to be masters of their own issue and achieve home-grown solution.

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