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Well Preserved And Utilized Resources Create Pride

Our country ry Eritrea is endowed with numerous natural and historic tourist attractions. Eritrea, which is found on the tropical belt, on top of its great climate, is located at a place where one gets to see different fl oras and faunas and breathtaking landscapes within a short proximity. We’re also proud owners of over 1000 kilometers of pristine and unpolluted beaches, hundreds of islands and diverse species of aquatic life-forms and coral reefs. In short, it is a great site for casual tourist sightseeing as well as scientifi c research.

There are also numerous historic artifacts, attesting to Eritrea’s resonant ancient saga. Eritrea, which has been the only sea way to civilizations that date thousands years, possesses many historical and religious relics that can be found in sites such as Kohaito, Mete’ra and Adulis. Not only this, but we also have fi ne examples of architectures that date from the Turkish colonization to the Italian era. Graceful and elegant buildings are found in many Eritrean cites, and particularly in the cities of Asmara, Massawa and Keren.

Also during the Second World War, Eritrea was one of the war theatres for in which the colonizing forces engaged one another or met resistance. It suffi ces to state that Eritrea was a site in which many historical battles took place.Another Eritrean source of pride as a nation is its diverse culture and it having a hospitabile population composed of different ethnic groups living in an environment of mutual coexistence and harmony. This in turn makes Eritrea a place where one could spend his or her leisure time with no worry in a crime free and peaceful environment.

All the aforementioned and other unmentioned resources to be utilized in bringing about an economic development require a great deal of conservation, and innovation and creativity to exploit it.The Government of Eritrea is on the process of making a huge investment in laying thoroughgoing infrastructural development. And therefore, all concerned parties should work to preserve and properly exploit our tourist attractions so as to establish those above mentioned sites as domestic and international tourist attractions. Because a resource without the proper care and utilization is meaningless.

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