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Our National Associations: Source Of Our Pride

The slogan that the EPLF used right from the beginning, “Politicize, Organize and Arm the Masses,” is one of the basic foundations of the victory achieved by the people of Eritrea. Our liberation struggle succeeded because it was founded on people. Had there not been a strong connection between the liberation movement and the people, the struggle would not have survived, let alone succeeded. The support was effective because it came in an organized form. Pointing out that our successes cannot be divorced from the rich experience of the past and drawing on our rich cultural heritage and on the progressive values we developed during the liberation struggle, to develop an Eritrean culture characterized by strong vision and commitment to Eritrea. It must build upon the strong foundation already established by the EPLF. It must inherit and improve the exemplary policies and practices gained from past experience. Progress registered upon such values is evident.

One of the significant role during the struggle for independence was, the role played by the different umbrella associations in galvanizing workers, farmers, women, the youth and other sections of society. As a result, our struggle achieved visible expansion and broad participation from both genders as well as unreserved support from Eritrean workers, farmers as well as students and others. These associations, subscribing to the EPLF’s belief that indoctrination of the masses brings forth a strong force, rallied the masses to work under one banner and forged an impregnable force through proper organization and guidance.

It would be no exaggeration to claim that such an achievement has few equals in the history of liberation movements. It is a testimony to, and a manifestation of the political maturity of the people of Eritrea and its leadership as well as the organization and unity they gave rise to. Achieving national independence and sovereignty is the conclusion of an important chapter in the history of the people of Eritrea, yet at the same time, the beginning of a new chapter. Today, the people of Eritrea face the task of building a peaceful, just and prosperous society, a task which is more difficult and more complicated than the past task of achieving independence.

Our vision is to build a nation where prosperity, justice, peace reign supreme. Our vision is for Eritrea to preserve its identity and uniqueness, develop commitment to family and community care, and by advancing economically, educationally and technologically, find itself among the developed countries. Our vision is for Eritrean society to be known for harmony among its different sectors, gender equality, love of country, humanity, discipline, hard work and love for knowledge, respect for law and order, independence and inventiveness.

It suffices to state that in order for Eritrea to become economically advanced, it should become a nation where workers and work rights are respected, a nation which provides conducive atmosphere for workers to develop their skills and vocations. The role of the national associations is therefore decisive in achieving our visions and fulfilling our dreams.

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