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Good Neighborliness: Choice With No Substitute

Good neighborliness and peaceful coexistence is the best choice thatcan be made by neighboring nations. Because of the fact that countrieswherever they are, can not exist as islands and there is always a sharedcommon denominator. The best choice a country could make is always to build up a strategic relation with other countries wherever they are.
Stemming from the above said fact, the people of Eritrea and theSudan fully appreciate the value of bilateral relations based upon mutualrespect and peaceful coexistence. Populations of both nations understandthe importance of having good neighborliness with one another and theyeach aspire to build relationships that are benefi cial to each other. Todate, numerous efforts have been undertaken for implementing the goodrelationships.

As President Isaias Afewerki, pointed out during his recent workingvisit to the Red Sea Region of the Sudan; it is important to developinfrastructural structures and develop areas around the boundary of bothnations and undertake and implement joint investment in those areas soas to increase commercial and economic exchange between both nations.

Creating a mutually benefi cial relationship between both nations throughsuch engagement is advantageous for both countries.On his part, the President of the Republic of Sudan, Omar HassanAl Bashir stated that, the Republic of Sudan, and mainly the Red SeaRegion of the Sudan has got numerous geographical, cultural as wellas historical ties with Eritrea, and it could be expected of this regionto contribute a great deal in the promotion of mutual relations betweenEritrea and the Sudan.

President Isaias’s visit to that region, therefore, will add more strengthand momentum to the initiative and effort of the ongoing practical andstrategic choice of the two people.

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