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Gender Equality: An Objective that Need Constant Reinforcement

Nowadays, the level of equality and the extent of rights enjoyed in a society are some of the major factors that could be used to measure the rank of development or civilization of a given society. As it is the most sought after target for all political ideologies is the insurance of rights and opportunities without the discrimination of gender, race, ethnicity as well as religious belief. Ensuring equals rights on its part, brings forth progress and development. Therefore, a society or a nation that has not been able to ensure rights and equal access to resources to its citizens fails to register rapid, healthy and fairs growth and development.
One of the primary tasks in an endeavor to ensure equal rights and access to resources is guaranteeing gender equality. In light of this fact, every member of a society needs to understand that gender equality has an impact that transcends everything in infl uence within a nation.
Our long and bitter struggle for independence has become a reality thanks to the wide participation of Eritrean women. Ever since, participation of women in the everyday activities of the nation has stood as a guarantor of our drive for development. As a result of the wide participation of women in the struggle as well as in the nation building process, the people of Eritrea have got a very progressive viewpoint on the question of gender. We therefore need to highlight our proud history in ensuring gender equality and further work towards making such a progressive outlook part of our culture and national values.
As it is known, our national vision is to make Eritrea a country where peace and prosperity prevail; a nation in which social justice is the rule and a place where its citizens can work to achieve what they desire. To reach this objective, we need to strengthen and further reinforce the outlook that has carried us through different stages of our history and ensure the access of equal rights and opportunities to citizens regardless of their section or social class; and redirect our efforts to double up our successes as a nation and society.

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