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Making History Preserves History

The people of Eritrea have a very unique and proud history on the rights and equality of women.  As it has been reiterated by President Isaias Afwerki on the occasion of 30th anniversary of the founding of the National Union of Eritrean Women, the proud feats and contributions of Eritrean women in our struggle for independence are nearly unparalleled anywhere else in the course of history. An achievement such as this speaks for itself and does not require drawing attention into or an overstatement.

This remarkable political experience should not be left only to history. What has been achieved, and all the dynamism that has been generated as a result of all the accomplishments registered has become an essential driving factor in the nation-building process.


For the people of Eritrea, the question of rights and equality of women has always and will always be part of their broader vision in the nation-building process. It is our vision to make Eritrea a nation free of exploitation, discrimination, poverty and a place where fellow citizens can work and develop themselves; to eventually create a developed society. As societies such as this one can not be conceived without ensuring equal participation for women, it would be enough to state that equality is the cornerstone of development.

As it has been said by President Isaias Afwerki, numerous old and modern social structures have contributed their role in enlarging the gender gap in their pursuit of ensuring the supremacy of a given economic class over another. In the course of the blunder, women were the ones that were adversely affected. And any struggle, whether it is a social or national struggle, is always a dynamic process that seeks to abolish exploitation and correct the errors of history.

Therefore, it is essential to view the role of women as one important part of our history, and a subsection of the struggle of the Eritrean masses for independence. It is the duty of every Eritrean citizen to work and endeavor to ensure the rightful status of women in the society.

In order to achieve our national vision, we must always make new and sustainable history without resorting to the past achievements. The question of women is one of the pillars of our vision. Hence, there is a need to concentrate on the important and practical programs and real issues and objectives that eventually would bring sustainable economic and social changes leaving aside issues that seem to be of importance but are secondary ones. It is with this out look and effective labor distribution that it is possible to build a developed society. Good journey for apparent  victory!

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