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Sacrificing For Future Generations Is Our Culture

Families are the basic social group and the core of any given society. The primary and most important purpose for the existence of families is the creation and upbringing of productive offsprings. Hence, it could easily be inferred that the foremost aim of a normal society is to ensure the wellbeing and safe guarding of its young. This is the primary calling of all societies and the foremost task of nations. Although this above illustration is the universal truth that should prevail everywhere, Eritrean society’s, a society that has not been tainted with occurrences of greed and individuality, and is very cultured and civilized maxes out. In our culture, individuals exist not for themselves, but for their family and the collective. Eritreans toil and work selflessly not for themselves, but for bettering the future for the coming future generation. The generation of liberation struggle, gave itself selflessly for the glorious common cause of Eritrean Independence. Similarly, today’s generation is working to couple Eritrea political independence with economic emancipation. This generation is laboring towards making Eritrea developed and self-sufficient.

The principal undertaking of the mission of laying foundational work of social justice that will ensure the welfare and good fortune of the Eritrean generations to come is an impartial part of the work that is being done at this time. All the endeavors to expand health centers that will ensure the safety of mothers and children to all corners of Eritrea, providing vaccination to everyone and reducing child mortality rates that have been registering commendable outcomes stem out from this objective. The construction of kindergartens and schools in rural areas, extending help to needy children, initiating means through which children can acquaint themselves with education and open their minds to broader issues is all a display far-reaching foresight that concerns itself with the wellbeing of coming generations.

The role of the nation building process is not the facilitation of all the material and spiritual needs of this generation only. Had it been this, lots of easier choices and shortcuts could have been taken. However, its primary and foremost mission is the creation of a developed and just nation in which future generations could reside in peacefully. In order to achieve this target, one must fully comprehend that resources of a nation belong to everyone, including generations to come. Ensuring the wellbeing of the coming generations, therefore, requires wise and careful utilization of resources and the laying the foundations of social justice.

Nonetheless, the most significant asset of any nation is its human capacity. Consequently, the task of developing our human capital through an investment in their education and intellect should become one of the main tasks in the nation building process. The undertaking and investment that is being made by families, societies and the government in the task of  ensuring the wellbeing of the generations to come at this time is therefore, a source of pride for future generations; for any generation is always immortalized eternally through the work and foundation it leaves behind.

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