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Eritrea: Steadfast People Bright Future

The past decade, the people of Eritrea withstood and triumphed successions of aggressions against them that range from an all-out war to latent economic and political maneuvers that were meant to undermine them. However, this hasn’t stopped the people of Eritrea from registering economic growth and performing excellently in accomplishing strategic projects that are bringing forth growth and economic emancipation. What has been attained to date on the historical, political, diplomatic, economic, social and cultural aspects on this historical stage is a progress that has allowed us to march forward to the bright horizon. This is a product and a standing witness of the indomitable nature and spirit of the people and government of Eritrea.
It is true that we have been through difficult times trying to carry out our strategic ventures in order to secure lasting solutions. However, not only has our toleration and endurance of the past difficult times allowed us to lay firm groundwork for development and economic emancipation, but also liberated us from dependency.  This fact is better attested by all the developmental endeavors that have been executed in all parts of our country.
The multifaceted developmental undertakings that have been implemented to date have increased our water holding capacity as a nation, reduced the rate of deforestation and erosion and have been able to bring about general development in our country. These days, we are in a position to exploit our agricultural resources by overhauling traditional farming methods and swapping them with modern techniques.
The Government of Eritrea, regardless of prevalence of summer rains in the horn region, has been working towards the realization of independent food self-sufficiency, which obviously will increase our national harvest. The above fact is the rationale behind the recent establishment of numerous agro-industries. Also, fish products and the income generated from that sector have been steadily growing.
What has been accomplished to date laying the infrastructural facilities has opened a door for commercial ventures. Unlike what’s seen in most developing countries, multi national corporations and corrupt governments exploiting national resources without allocating the generated income to the wellbeing of the people, the Government of Eritrea has invested huge money, so as to allow the people of Eritrea be majority shareholders of what’s being mined from their minefields. Sizable investments have been made in the tourism and industrial sectors, and the outcome is expected in the near future.
The work that has been performed in building roads, construction of houses, and provision of potable water, electricity and ensuring and expanding communication systems in the country has considerably reduced the distance and the gap between different parts of our country on top of creating ample grounds for investments and ventures. This is the reason why foreign investments in this country are steadily growing.
We have also registered commendable results in social services provision, such as in the sectors of healthcare and education even in rural areas. This effort has accorded us commandment from numerous international organizations. As a result of all those endeavors, malaria induced mortality rates have decreased, vaccination is provided to infants, and mothers get pre and post natal medical care. Moreover, ventures to provide vocational training to the youth have started bearing fruit.
Nonetheless, what should be given due credit of all the above endeavors is the collective consciousness of the people of Eritrea. Thanks to the values that were cultivated in the struggle for independence and the martyrdom for the common cause, the people of Eritrea are devoid of segregation and have successfully ensured equal access to resources and were able to cultivate a strong and committed political culture and leadership. This factor enables Eritreans to be proud owners’ of internal peace and serenity, something that is hard to find elsewhere.
The past difficult times could be described as a phase that required the insurance of massive economic growth through limited resources. The secret behind our fast growth lies on the desire and readiness of the people of Eritrea to create a nation that is reflective of their culture. All that desire and readiness inculcated a strong commitment to work and a sprit of independence in the policies of the Government of Eritrea, that always are independent in their domestic, foreign, economic and political outlook. This is a major factor that turned the desire of the people and the Government of Eritrea unto becoming a reality and something tangible.
Nothing like our enemies planned for us, the people and Government of Eritrea, in their committed work to eliminate poverty and ensure progress have now reached the horizon of bright future. We hope that our enemies learn from their past mistakes and awaken from their stupor and realize that nothing will hold us back.

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