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Information: The Other Force

No one can dispute the imperative role of developing and mastering technology of photography in expanding and developing, audio and literature, media activities, public relations and diplomacy as well as cultural, historical and research activities.

During the struggle for independence, the People’s Front, fully comprehending the role and weight of the technologies of sound, literature and photography in acquiring its objectives of indoctrinating and agitating the masses and influencing opinion of the world, attempted to make the most of through the limited resources at its disposal.

Thereby, the role of the media at that time in acquainting the struggle and cause to the world and reassuring the Eritrean people about their struggle can not be understated. Since an intelligible account of past times is quintessential in understanding the present, what has been preserved in these bitter times, has become source of our pride today.

In the years after our independence, our media transformed itself and played a significant role in reporting and preserving our endeavors in the nation-building process. To further develop and sustain this important contribution, it’s imperative that we understand the need for constant strengthening through evaluation and revision of its capacity and sustainability.

The present era witnesses some forces of our globe make use of their influence and power in order to obstruct the development of indigenous and representing media in their pursuit of imposing and ensuring the dominance of their culture and viewpoint over that of others. In such times, to have your own opinion and outlook on diverse issues and standing against all the injustice and dominance that prevails today becomes a task that can not be postponed. Thus, the task to create and develop a media whose sole task is to assist, preserve and report on matters such as culture , current events, research, diplomatic happenings, and public relations becomes one that can not be deferred for later times and one of our national tasks.

As it stands, and as it has been emphasized on the national workshop for the vivification of the Photography Branch of the Ministry of Information, duly noting that information is power, there’s a need to increase the number of our experts active in this line of work on top of making investments in acquiring cutting edge technology that will allow us to produce more and much better products. Information is the other force, for it is force for development and history.

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