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United We Challenge: Political Culture of Eritrean People

The unjust decision to impose sanctions against Eritrea by the Security Council at the behest of the United States has met a fervent challenge from Eritreans living inside the country and abroad. For Eritrean values and unity, a force that has accomplished miracles in the past, is still resonant and strong.

Eritreans have endured and successfully withstood bitter times, a survival feat that is not paralleled elsewhere in the history of nations. Eritreans effectively contained hostilities that have continued for half-century mainly to its people’s strong and committed political awareness.

The sanctions resolution 1907 is the result of unstable and disturbed mentality of enemies of the Eritrean people. Before the release of the sanctions resolution the Eritrean people had well professed into where the resolution would be heading. Hence, after the passing of the resolution, Eritreans living inside the country and abroad have understood the real essence of the matter. Hence the response by the Eritrean people was unanimous and quick “We are ready to challenge it”.

The Eritrean people need no remainder the hostility of successive US administrations against them for the past 50 years for their geo-political interest because they have lived through it and have been able to thwart it. In the past, the dominating and antagonistic policies pursued by the US administration against Eritrea have made the nation get engaged in a bitter struggle in which thousands of its citizens were martyred. After independence, the people of Eritrea, regardless of past times and previous blunders committed against them, decided to start afresh by pursuing a policy of strengthening good relations with all other peoples and nations including the United States.
However, the American administration’s policies, which always seem to capitalize from chaos and turmoil, did not favor the decision of the people of Eritrea.

They have set about the puppet TPLF regime to declare an all-out military invasion against Eritrea. They sought to break off Eritrea’s development through employing different political and economic ploys. However, the people of Eritrea successfully withstood all the challenges that were posed on them. The sanctions imposed against Eritrea, are therefore, results of the anxious state of mind of the enemies of the people of Eritrea, particularly the United States.

The reason why the policies of the American Administrations of past and present have time and again failed is because of the fact that Eritrean people are endowed with values beyond comprehension to the Americans. The resonant voice that’s sounding after resolution 1907 stands witness that this value is still about, and that the unity and strength of Eritreans peaks with every challenge they face. The unhesitating united front the people of Eritrea took at times like this is the value that has allowed Eritrea to march upon the avenue of progress and prosperity.

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