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Bequeathment For Full Emancipation

Bequeathment for full emancipation is the theme of 20th anniversary of the Fenkil celebrations. It’s a theme that commemorates the grand heroic operations of that time which signaled the defi nite triumph of our struggle for independence. Bequeathment means legacy, a transfer of heritage, traditions, culture, costumes and history. National history is a source of pride and honor for any society. It is a product of the nations’ cognizance, morality, culture and values. Howev-er, when nations are evaluated through such a criteria, they are not equal. The gravity varies depending from the challenges they encountered and the values they acquired to defeat the challenges; the experience they bypass and the history and miracles they made.

The people of Eritrea was sentences to be wiped out from the world map because of its strategic geo-political placement. However, it was found impossible task. It is not the number of soldiers and ammunition and other resources that decide the destiny of peoples, but rather the collective awareness of the masses, as clearly manifested through the struggle of the Eritrean people. The political awareness and moral of the Eritrean people has defeated all sorts of machinations and guaranteed the sustainable continuation of the country as a nation. Such a history is a product of strong faith, commitment, resolve, willpower and fervent dedication to a common cause. Such a resolute stand against many pre-dicaments and an achievement of such magnitude has elevates Eritrea above nations of the world. This is our legacy, a legacy of national honor we were bestowed with. It is a legacy of strong devotion, clear objective, unyielding fervor, everlasting conviction, an ageless line and an unwav-ering commitment.

At times when we commemorate historical milestones of our struggle such as Operation Fenkil, are times in which we pass the legacy of our proud history to the coming generations. They are times in which we renew our pledge for further commitment. Our bequeathment is what decides the extent of our march on the avenue of development and pros-perity.Our bequeathment is the driving force behind our dedication to great-ness with its fi nal destination being full emancipation. Complete emanci-pation, emancipation that’s not titular, emancipation where every Eritrean enjoys and benefi ts.  Emancipation until the summit, emancipation that leads to perfection, is the desire of Eritreans. Hence, our legacy sustains and our bequeathment endures. Bequeathment for full emancipation!

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