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United Voice That Fortifies Eritrean Independence

Eritreans all over, from America to the continent of Australia are preparing to conduct an extensive demonstration against the unjust sanctions imposed on Eritrea by the Security Council at the behest of the US Administration on February the 22nd 2010. Fully understanding the importance of the national responce to the injustice the Eritrean people are preparing with deep national spirit and enthusiasm, equivalent to that historic event of Referendum to voice – the united voice of the people for Eritrean independence. Resolution 1907 of the Security Council has been put into effect when our historic enemies tried everything, when they have failed with an open aggression, when they have tried every political and economic ploy they had at their disposal to disband us and break our unity. It is a resigned implementation that has been generated from a defeatist mind.

In this demonstration, where hundred thousands of Eritreans from all over are expected to participate will highlight the fact that the political outlook and unity of the Eritrean people peaks more than any other time at times like this. It will demonstrate that the intents of our enemies and their decisions are in vain and fruitless. It will communicate a strong message to those who always have perceived the people and govern-ment of Eritrea as different entities. For the people and Government of Eritrea are one entity, one force and one spirit , to eternity.

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