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An open message to the sanctions designers

The US Administration has been attempting to extend its tentacles over the world in a task that is unfeasible and unrealistic. In fact, the task the US administration has at hand is so impractical that it has begun to resort to acts of futility. Nowadays, the US Administration has effectively turned the Security Council into its mouthpiece, with an utter disregard of the values upon which the council was formed. Hence the unjust Resolution 1907 reflects the defeatist state-of-mind of the US Administration.

The two objectives that the resolution is thought to acquire are:


1.    Demonizing the Government of Eritrea and its leader who are challenging the flawed policies of the US administration that are designed through fabricating false accusations and allegations so as to isolate them from the population.

2.   To quell the people of Eritrea that is registering economic miracles, beyond those who depend from handouts, through hard work and toil evading political serfdom and economic dependency and become good example to others.

As the saying has it: “If you step four times on a stone and fall, you are the stone”. Hence, the enemies of the Eritrean people are not endowed with a thoughtful mind. Because they do not know the people of Eritrea, they are creating obstacles again and again on the basis of erroneous and distorted information. The people of Eritrea have never fallen hostages to the numerous political and economic maneuvers of their enemies, in times of war or in times of peace. Our awareness is much higher than their pathetic ploys; hence our bond with our government and leadership grows stronger by the day.
The campaign to demonize our leader has been ineffectual. In fact, it has become overly apparent that the president has a special place in the hearts and minds of Eritreans. The heated denunciation of the people of Eritrea against the unjust sanctions resolution by the Security Council attests to that. An open message to the sanctions designers!

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