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Political Power Strengthened Through Resistance

The people of Eritrea in the past week colorfully commemorated the 20th anniversary of Operation Fenkil, one of the miraculous achievements of the struggle for independence that unsettled the foundations of colonization.

Operation Fenkil, as it has been explained by President Isaias Afewerki was a heroic feat that paved the way for the country’s total liberation and dealing final blow to 50 years of colonization through proxy. The People of Eritrea have withstood and endured challenges unparalleled elsewhere in the history of nations of the world and were able to execute remarkable feats such as Operation Fenkil thanks to their political strength, which is characterized by fervent nationalism and love of the motherland.
This power is not endowed to the people of Eritrea only. It is an experience and a value that has been acquired as a result of long and bitter struggle. In times in which the superpowers, the United States and Soviet Union both one after another tried to stand by the side of the Ethiopian colonizers in their attempt to wipe out the struggle of the Eritrean people for independence, the leadership of the struggle only depended on the Eritrean people and its national resources to come out being one of the most developed and advanced revolutionary movements in the world. No force or movement has ever been able to mobilize the masses for a common cause to a magnitude like our liberation movement. The failed attempts to undermine the sovereignty of the people of Eritrea that were carried out after independence were disgracefully foiled. All those repeated attempts failed because they met the strong resistance of the committed and civilized political culture of the people of Eritrea.
Hence, the frustrated decision masterminded by Washington Administration and its cronies to impose sanctions on Eritrea using the impotent and ineffective Security Council as an instrument has met the ever strong resistance of the Eritrean people. And the remarkable feat accomplished in Operation Fenkil and the jubilant commemoration, as always, will stand witness to the fact that the Eritrean People will come out victorious, and the Washington Administration and its cronies as always and ever, losers.


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