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Resolution 1907: An adventurism Targeted to the Horn of Africa

Often, we Eritreans refer to times in which our country was made a victim of the hideous policies of American administrations to guarantee their global interest as ‘Ethiopian colonization’. Although in truth, the colonization of Eritrea for the past 40 years by Ethiopia has been United State’s colonialism by proxy. Taking the essential factors into account, Ethiopia, that was by far less developed, was neither capable nor had the required resources to take Eritrea as a colony. In their entire history, Ethiopian leaders could never be regarded as capable colonizing entities let alone pose a formidable anti-colonization force. When the Italians annexed Ethiopia in 1935, Emperor Haileslassie, incapable of rallying the public chose to cede his throne and abandoned his country and sought asylum elsewhere. Finally, he was carried back to his throne by the might of foreign forces and was awarded Eritrea as a colony. The Derg also more or less followed the same subservient route until its eventual demise in 1991. The current regime due its unprecedented character is engaged in acts of servitude by far from the past two regimes.
As is it known, the strategic national interest of the US in its dealings with Africa seeks to divide the continent into four controllable parts. To attain such a goal, the administration always attempts to destabilize nations of the Horn in order to benefit from the aftermath of the turmoil. The ill mission of the US administration is to destabilize Somalia, Sudan to become unstable and conflict torn, make Eritrea abandon its free political course, Kenya to become a failed state, and IGAD, which is responsible for the Horn to become an instrument through the infiltration of the CIA under the guise of AfriCom.
Hence, Resolution 1907 does not only target Eritrea. It is a ploy created to destabilize the Horn region. The people of the Horn of Africa should fight against a resolution that seeks to destabilize their region so that their region will not become like Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and the Balkan nations. The struggle against such unjust resolution should be harmonized, continuous and inclusive; and one that perfectly understands the strategy of the American Administration. As regarding the servant regime, is only an addendum.

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