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Fashion Trends

One of the basic needs of human beings are clothes. In today’s world clothes are not only necessities but are also an indication of status and emotions. What people chose to wear explains their personality, mood and the like. There are also some studies that relate people’s choice of clothes with their behavior and emotions. As a result of this people wear clothes differently in relation to various occasions and situations, like those who want to be noticed wear overstated garments with colors where as those who do not want to be noticed wear simple clothes. The variation in clothes is also one of the major reasons to the constantly changing fashion industry.

Clothes are aspects of human physical appearance and social significance and many societies have certain way of clothing and have some unwritten rule about the dress code. Those rules are understood by members of society where a certain way of dressing describes the person’s social class, income, occupation, ethnic and religious affiliation, attitude, marital status. For example in the Tigrigna society single ladies wear a small head shawl whereas married one wears larger shawls. Hair styles also often present a specific ethnic group in our country.

Despite those known rules of every society dress codes have been violated in various occasions and the rules are broken and all under the same pretext of fashion. Though majority of the fashion world revolves around youth fashion clothes especially starting from 1950s: the way both ladies and gentlemen of many societies dress are becoming a hot issue of argument among members of every society. All the violations and breaking of the rules were under the unconvincing reason of fashion but what exactly are we calling fashion in the first place.

What would you say to a person wearing all kinds of colors at once looking like a victim of an explosion from a dress factory? And others seem to add every thing in their possession to match the colors of their dress and end up looking like a decorated Christmas tree. I even remember a friend of mine commenting to his girl-friend’s outfit: “Honey! Why are you looking like a decorated wedding car”?

Another fashion incident that I seem to witness in every corner I turn is people wearing very heavy clothes in a moderate temperature or in burning sun and look like that they just dropped from the moon or wearing a light cloth in a windy or extreme weather. And you see those people complain about the harshness of the weather or see them shivering which pushes you to say: “Wake up people, what did the weather do? It is all your fault, what do you expect winter to be like after all !” And in the contrary to the above scenario others seem to have some kind of hidden additional skin that keeps them warm from their environment’s weather.

The worst scenario in this case is people mixing styles, a lady wearing jeans and shirt while her hair is braided in a traditional style and is in high heels. And what would you say a 40-year-old lady wearing clothes designed for ladies in their 20’s? If you happen to have the opportunity to ask the lady why she is wearing those awkward clothes, her answer will be simple and well rehearsed ‘it is fashionable and since I can afford it what does it matter?’

It doesn’t mean that our way dressing has to imitate our ancestors or has to be stuck in only traditional trends but can’t we at least have a sense of what to wear in what kind of weather and what kind of dressing would match our age and profession? After all fashion is the applied art dedicated to clothing and lifestyle accessories created within the cultural and social influences of a specific time.

And recently I start appreciating those who state a specific dress code in a specific place or special gatherings since there are people who wear a sport cloth to a meeting or appear half naked to a business meeting or a work interview. Another disturbing fact that goes along with the way of dressing is shoes. And this particularly seems to happen among the ladies, wearing very high heels to walk a long distance or climb 10 times the stairs of your office. Why would you wear such shoes when you know your office is on the 5th floor and you have to go at least four times to do your daily job? And again those uncomfortable shoes are worn in the name of fashion, but what I would like to point out here is that the models or actresses that we see in the movies and magazine cover wear those shoes just to cover the floor of their house or office not to walk miles on foot.

So my advice to the followers of the latest fashion would be though it is good to follow a certain fashion, put into consideration the weather, age, profession and places; after all fashion is all about the style not about the material.


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