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Conscious People: United Reaction

On the 22nd of February 2010 the united and resonant voice of Eritreans
that echo the voice of truth and justice has been knocking the ears of the
international community from the continent of Australia to the Western
shores of the United States expressing discontent with the prejudiced
decision by the Security Council against Eritrea.

The people of Eritrea that came out victorious winning global ploys for
more than half a century are matured and conscious people with strong
political experience. It is not for the fi rst time, hence, for Eritreans living
in the Diaspora to conduct huge demonstrations denouncing injustice and
voicing righteousness. A peaceful demonstration by Eritreans is always
characterized by the number of its attendants and its eminence and stands
witness to the civility and unity of Eritreans. But above all, it is always
a voice calling for truth and justice to prevail, and a moving voice that is
welcomed by all who are for reason and righteousness.
The value that ensured Eritreans to successfully withstand and win over
the policies of aggressions that were ensued by the Super Powers for more
than half a century is what everyone witnessed on the 22nd of February,
that is, our national unity. The Generation of Struggle accomplished an
impossible task with meager resources at its disposal to make Eritrean
independence a reality. Even the post independence years, it successfully
contained an aggression that was meant to undermine our sovereignty
with strong and united resistance strengthened through the long years
of political experience. It proved that the attempts of our historical
enemies to ruin our unity through the usage of different political ploys
and maneuvers are impossible and futile.
Therefore, this historic demonstration that took place on February the
22nd has reiterated the fact that our unity and our values still endure, and
the Eritrean people are still politically aware, as they were yesterday. It
communicates a strong voice of opposition to the enemies of Eritrea, and
whatever it is that they may try will fail. It is an angry public reaction of
a united and conscious people.


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