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Firmness on Stance: Guarantor for Victory

It is known that the Government of Eritrea has been engaged in efforts to develop our nation so as to give a worthy meaning to our independence, for which a heavy toll and sacrifice was paid for. Hence, our nation has been marching on the avenue of development by following a clear political and economic policy. Comparing what has been accomplished to date in the development front with the ongoing efforts to quell our progress on part of some forces, one could easily deduce that the development endeavors accomplished through concerted efforts of the Eritrean Defense Forces and the people of Eritrea are quite significant in importance. Therefore, a giant leap has been registered and many important projects to have been successfully executed to date.
However, such a committed and well-headed policy that created an upsurge in development in this country, to stop it from being an example in for other developing nations, has time and again met  a strong opposition from some external entities, who, in their effort, have tried to engage us using different overt and covert political and economic ploys. However, all those maneuvers were unable to stop the people of Eritrea from progressing and executing their developmental endeavors. In fact, to the contrary of the expected turn-out of events,   those maneuvers further reinforced the strength and unity of Eritreans. Hence, the futility of all their past actions has made those entities resort to Resolution 1907.
Continually marching along the preferred path without hindrance, unwary of all attempts to stop one’s progress has been the kind of march that we Eritreans have been using and perfecting for the past half century. That is why we still find ourselves marching in the avenue of progress, regardless of all the attempts that have been made to quell our march. Since we also are in a better position than the past times, there will be no force able to stop us from ensuring our definite and everlasting development

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