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Eritrean Woman: Product of Resistance

The now defunct and emerging social systems in the world, in order to uphold the supremacy and dominance of special social strata of the society, have isolated and harmed the large section of the society, men and women, especially women. That is why the struggle for the right and gender equality for women is not seen in isolation from the popular struggle for national security and independence.


The struggle of Eritrean women for full emancipation, has therefore registered exemplary and commendable results by being part of the bigger struggle for Eritrean independence. The history of the struggle of the people of Eritrea for over 40 years against the proxy colonization of the United States is unparalleled elsewhere in the history of nations. Such proud and gallant history would have been impossible to realize without the wide participation of Eritrean women, for they have played a historical and proud role in ensuring Eritrean identity and sovereignty


Today, we’re preparing to celebrate March 8 in a time in which the Security Council at the behest of the US administration has passed an unjust and illegal resolution against Eritrea; and at a historical time where the justice and peace loving Eritrean people is standing as usual with resolve and determination to challenge the unjust and illegal resolution. To date the Eritrean women, as that of yesterday, in continuation of the struggle for full emancipation are playing an exemplary role with determination and dedication, being on the side of their people, in resisting the unjust resolution. Glory and Honor to Eritrean Women who are the products of resistance.

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