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The streets of Washington, D.C., San Francisco, Geneva, and Canberra were swarmed by hundreds of thousands of Eritreans on the 22nd of this month (2010), angrily protesting the illegal and immoral US engineered Resolution 1907 to place sanction on Eritrea. The protesters jointly presented petitions to the State Department in Washington and the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva with a little less than a quarter of a million signatures. Eritreans in the Diaspora manifested unequivocal support to the government of Eritrea in a very assertive manner. And they called for the annulment of sanction, no more no less. The US’s efforts of many years to foment division and chaos in the Eritrean society and its grand plan to install a weak and puppet government in Eritrea went down the drains.

This distinguished show of support of the Eritrean people to the government of Eritrea is definitely Washington’s biggest headache and without a cure. It might be a bitter pill to swallow, but the US has to live with it, and eventually get used to it. Eritrean affairs are strictly matters that concern the Eritrean people and government.  

While the historic peaceful demonstrations were taking place in the four big cities of the world, Reuters claimed the Embassy of the United States in Asmara to have accused Eritrea of destabilizing the Horn of Africa. This false accusation was designed to counterbalance the huge support the government of Eritrea enjoys from its people, and furthermore, a futile attempt to divert the people’s attention from the huge and historic peaceful demonstrations. 

During the experts debate of Resolution 1907 in the United Nations, the allegation by the US that “Eritrea has supplied arms” to the factions in Somalia was dropped because of the persistent demand of evidence by the participants. More demands for evidence would have totally unveiled the evil mask of the US.

Reuters went on to report that the US supported the “African-led initiative” and that it commended the AU and IGAD.

Eritrea was denied the right to defend itself against all the orchestrated false allegations. The overwhelming majority of the Heads of State of Africa had already left Sirte to their respective countries when the proposal for sanction was presented by few countries that have issues with Eritrea and passed in a hush-hush manner where rudimentary rules of procedures were not adhered to. Ethiopia and its compadres ganged up to systemically disrupt and quell the defendant’s voice. The so-called “AU proposal” again found its way to the Security Council bypassing the then Chairman of AU exhibiting gross violation of procedure. The US wanted the resolution to look like an African initiative, but the world knows that it is the making of the US beyond any reasonable doubt.

Eritrea’s right to defend itself at the Security Council was also purposely denied. IGAD, totally dominated by Ethiopia and Djibouti, was not prepared to hear Eritrea’s view.

IGAD’s behavior was not a surprise since it had earlier lost relevance and responsibility to the aspirations and needs of the people in the region. This organization is being utilized by the US as a conduit to its interests and serves to advance Ethiopia’s foreign policy.

The Eritrean people and its government will never cave in to such low level behavior of the US and its stooges. As a matter of fact, principled Eritrea is relentlessly working for peace and stability in the Horn. Eritrea also hopes that African leaders will rise to the needs of their respective peoples and be aware of the destructive motifs of the instigants who are deliberately fomenting trouble in the our continent.

The Eritrean people still carry the scars of historical persecution perpetrated on its sovereignty by the United States and are not ready to entertain anymore fraudulences regardless of the disguises it is masked with. Gone are the days of naivety!

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