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If there are Ears to Hear … The People of Eritrea Have Given Clear Response

It is to be recalled that on February 22nd hundreds of thousands of Eritreans all over the world have conducted peaceful demonstrations denouncing the unjust and immoral sanctions resolutions by the UN Security Council at the behest of the US Administration against Eritrea.

On that date, they also submitted a petition signed by more than a quarter million of Eritreans and friends of Eritrea to the American State Department and the Office of the United Nations. They called with a single voice for the annulment of resolution 1907. Such a concerted resistance on part of the Eritrean people has once again demonstrated the futility of past, present and future American agenda and attempts to create chaos and division on top of incapacitating Eritrean economy and political strength.


While this historic peaceful demonstration was being conducted in major cities of the world, the American Embassy in Eritrea summoned the Reuters News Agency and ordered them to release a statement indicating that Eritrea is creating havoc and instability in the Horn region. As it has been directed, the British News Agency, which failed to report about the world wide peaceful demonstrations on which hundreds of thousands of Eritreans participated, reported the above given directive.

The people and Government of Eritrea, neither have the inclination nor the slightest proclivity to address the inappropriate policy of the US Administration. Eritrea has been working and is working for the stability and peace of the Horn of Africa. And it will continue this noble initiative because this is Eritrea’s fundamental principle.

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