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Press Release

Yet another but no different defamatory report scheduled to be presented to the Security Council this week in the name of the United Nations has been issued alleging that ‘Eritrea continues to extend support to Somali armed groups in violation of the sanctions against it’.

Such a concocted baseless and unfounded allegation on the air, resorted to under the guise of the UN, can never deceive any naïve party. It is indisputable that Eritrea had not and would never extend any support to Somali armed groups.

Hence, the Government of Eritrea challenges those quarters indulging in utterly baseless allegations through fabricating and disseminating naked lies in the name of the UN in a bid to cover up their bankrupt and shameful stance to present their case to an independent and open platform if at all they have any concrete evidence as they pretend.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
15 March 2010


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