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Somalia: Only Path Ahead Is An Inclusive Political Process

The overriding agenda of certain forces who wish to plunge Somalia into an intractable abyss in order to advance other ulterior objectives is becoming increasingly evident with time.

The fact is the humanitarian situation of the Somali people – and especially of those living in Mogadishu and its environs – is deteriorating from bad to worse. The misuse and abuse of humanitarian assistance, including by the humanitarian agencies, is another somber dimension of the saga. This is too evident to merit further proof or testimony. Why it is desired to further exacerbate the humanitarian crisis and whose interests this will serve is also patently clear to warrant extensive explanation.

The relentless efforts exerted to foment political polarization are not, likewise, prompted by the desire to create a conducive environment for an inclusive political process. Nor are they aimed at prompting the interests of Somalia and the Somali people. On the contrary, they only cater to the interests of the forces who crave to accentuate the polarization and confrontation of the Somali forces so as to create irreversible chaos on the ground as an accomplished fact.

The political, military and propaganda campaigns underway to aggravate the prevailing tension in Mogadishu under the pretext of “ strengthening the control of the Transitional Federal Government in Mogadishu” are thus devoid of political or military justifications. They will not infuse hope but only create more grave complication.

In the event, all Somalis must be wary of getting embroiled in the sinister ploys being hatched against them. They should, indeed, focus their energies to create and consolidate a climate that is conducive for an inclusive political process.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
12 March 2010  


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