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Policy Of Education That Ensures The Opportunity Of Every Student

Recently, the Eritrean National School Leaving Certificate Examination has been conducted all over the nation as well as in the outside, with about 22,000 students participating. As it is known, since education enables a person to obtain scientific information about himself and his surroundings, and actively participate and contribute in his or her respective society, makes it one of the basic human rights. Stemming from such a viewpoint, the Government of Eritrea has been making a huge investment from year to year to extend the provision of education to all citizens not only to develop its human resources and enable them become beneficiaries of the resources of the country but also to motivate them exert their creativity and innovation in the development efforts of their country. As documents of the Ministry of Education of Eritrea indicate, the number of educational centers, ranging from kindergartens to high schools which was initially, in 199/91 school year, about 393 has now reached to 1563. It has registered an increase of about 397%. Vocational training schools also, which were only 2 in 1991, have shown an increase of 450% and has reached to 11. On top of this, the Government of Eritrea exerting every effort to establish colleges in different parts of the country that would provide education in different disciplines and produce citizens armed with different professions.
In today’s world, because the future of people is believed to depends from education, in many countries and especially in the west, education is no more the right of citizens and has transformed into trade. In some countries of the west, in order one student to obtain his first degree has to spend 105,000 dollars. And hence education that asks this much amount of money is becoming immaterial for the poor but for the affluent. In contrast to this truth, the Government of Eritrea allocates a huge section of its budget for education in order to allow fellow Eritreans to get free education at all levels. This fact illuminates that the policy of education being pursued by the Eritrean Government puts citizens first.
Another important aspect of the educational policy of Eritrea is that it leaves no student unattended and fully ensures the future of the students. In many nations of the world, a number of students are dismissed for good unless they pass the matriculation exams, as no one cares what their future is going to be like. But in Eritrea, thanks to the educational policy in place, no one fails the matriculation exam. Regardless of their respective scores that will place them in Degree, Diploma or Certificate level of higher education, they have a chance of attending vocational schools that will allow them to learn a trade of their choosing. Such a broad outlook allows a student to recognize his or her particular strong and weak sides and enables them to make an informed choice. Hence, Eritrean students are endowed with so many chances and have a bright prospect. A free educational system such as the one we have at place is a driving force for many individuals to attend schools.
One study that was conducted in France indicates that about 27% out of the students regularly miss classes. Other nations also experience similar challenges. This above fact sheds some light upon the impact of the educational policy of Eritrea in instilling discipline in the general student population of the nation.
Although what has been achieved and registered through the utilization of the educational policy up to date is quite impressive, there’s so much to be achieved. As it is, every year, the Eritrean Government is improving the quality of education being provided, introducing new technological advancements in education and information systems to improve the education being provided.
To make this national objective and vision a reality there is expectation that students, parents and teachers redouble their efforts in accordance to the endeavors and commitment of the government. Because of the fact that education has a twofold benefit. First for the person who has the opportunity of education, and secondly for the country and the society. Hence, youngsters, realizing their bright future prospects, have to exert a great deal of efforts. Parents also should play a vital role in motivating and encouraging their children.
It is the combination of the efforts of the government and the society that ultimately the national objective and vision could be realized and the country reaches to the level of development that every citizen aspires.

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