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Diplomacy of Development

The national vision of the people and Government of Eritrea is to create a nation in which peace and justice prevail and create work opportunity, prosperity and development. For this vision to become a reality, on top of the internal stability Eritrea is currently enjoying there is the need of regional and global stability. Hence, the foreign policy of the Government of Eritrea seeks and pursues to establish open and safe neighborhood, promoting peace and cooperation among the peoples of the region and the world at large that guarantees mutual interest and development. In this line, the Government of Eritrea beginning from the early days of independence has been genuinely and with dedication exerting diplomatic efforts to enhance the historical, cultural and economic bonds that have existed amongst the populations of our region and to promote mutual economic development. The efforts of the Government of Eritrea to find comprehensive peaceful solution for the problems of the Sudan, to create national reconciliation between the Somali brothers and for the prevalence of comprehensive political stability in our region so that they concentrate on developmental activities. What Eritrea is doing has convinced the owner of the issues and the genuine brotherly cooperation is acclaimed by all peace and development loving people and these efforts will finally create tangible results.

However, a policy that seeks to establish a ground for peaceful coexistence and mutual growth, so that it wouldn’t be an example to others, is not liked and is being intentionally sabotaged by entities that pursue exploitation and dominance and their regional servants. However, the policies being pursued in our region and the collective consciousness of the different populations of our region being nurtured and the struggle to establish peace and stability will set a new and hopeful direction to the populations that have been made victims of political confrontation and conflict.

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