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Facts that witness the rise of the TPLF regime’s Anxiety

These days, tangible facts are being surfaced that testify the TPLF’s anxiety which is trying to stay in power for another 5 years in the name of sham elections.
Regardless of the agitation of the regime, the following facts will always remain true.


1.    The TPLF regime has been shunned by the people of Ethiopia and it won’t be long before the regime has to face the sizzling anger of the Ethiopian masses.
2.    The people of Tigray, being the double victims of the TPLF regime’s adventurist streak, are in line of spear-heading the inevitable change.
3.    The reign of the TPLF regime is coming to a fast end, and the time for the peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia to start a new chapter in their relationships based upon safe neighborliness and peaceful coexistence has become close. Time and history in Ethiopia will also contribute their part.


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