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A Dwarf that Aspires to be Colossal through Alms

The era of the TPLF regime in Ethiopia has been an era in which Ethiopia has sank further into seas of political turmoil and internal crisis due to the racial policies pursued by the clique in the name of “democracy”; an era in which it was engaged into conflicts with neighboring countries in which, to the dismay of the international community, in order to divert attention from its domestic instability continued the carnage and death of the Ethiopian youth; an era the Ethiopian masses experienced the worst cases of hunger, famine and disease that humiliated the African continent and an era in which the hopes for development, prosperity and peace faded out from that country. The irony and the most funny is that the leaders of this nation that is ranked 87 out of 88 developing nations for its poverty, a country where above 40 million of its population are hungry and aid-dependent and is the place for the worst display of misery, suffering and agony of human beings in our world, are aspiring to become regional powers convinced from the alms and handout they beg from outside.
In this 21st century civilized world, the TPLF regime which is lingering with the Middle Age’s mentality of expansionism and domination, while torn apart due to war and political crisis and while it remains lifeless, those who are motivating the regime to more crisis to realize its dreams of becoming regional power in the Horn of Africa are the outside forced who do not care about the suffering and agony of people other than their own interest and hire the TPLF regime as a messenger to destabilize the Horn of Africa making Eritrea prime target. It is because, they are frustrated that the speedy economic development in Eritrea based on self-reliance compared with the economic failure and miserable living standard of the Ethiopian people, the Eritrea people will become a good example of economic emancipation and freedom.
The TPLF regime, a regime that has been propped-up by external forces and which was given the responsibility to create destabilization in the whole of Horn of Africa beyond Eritrea, after it was engaged to create instability and acts of subterfuge in Djibouti, Kenya, the Sudan and at the end was engaged into an open aggression in Somalia breaching the sovereignty and territorial integrity of that country that the world observed with dismay. It has been obvious from the onset that the regime’s dream to become regional power was empty as it is impossible to become a regional power through aid. The regime has been already witnessed acting as a regional power when it feels it has received enough handout and is on the verge of collapse and downfall burning by the very fire it lit  in different parts of the region. Since, it is impossible to become a beggar and regional power at the same time.

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