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Those Who Sow More Will Reap More

There is a saying that ‘poverty is a state of mind’. Indeed many peoples in the world have proven that if there is a confident, determined and independent mind-set then one can easily overcome poverty through hard work.

The people of Eritrea had been able to accomplish large-scale developmental feats in par with the Millennium Goals mainly because of their efficient organization and sprit of hard work. Although the achieved progress so far is the fruit of the efforts of the people and Government of Eritrea, primary credit goes to the members of the Eritrean Defense Forces who are playing an exemplary role in safeguarding national sovereignty and the development process with great discipline and patriotism.


The progress that is being witnessed in every sector of the economy is an indication that the time is near when every citizen will reap the fruits of his/her labor. But it should be noted here that everyone always reaps as much as he saw. Although we are all citizens of this country, those who do not execute their due role cannot expect to enjoy the same rights as those who do their share of duty. President Isaias Afwerki had made the above fact unmistakably clear in an interview he conducted on the occasion of the New Year of 2009.

The President empathized that the sacrifice and determination of the members of the Defense Forces and clarified as to who will take the priority in enjoying the benefits of economic progress as saying: “Those who carry out their responsibilities and beyond will not only receive their due reward but they will also be able to witness tangible change in their daily lives. There is no such thing as ‘we are all equal and hence we should all live equally’. Someone who refuses to play his/her due role and says; “I am a citizen and thus I should enjoy the same benefits as others”, then he/she is living in a dream world. If there is anyone who takes priority when it comes to enjoying the economic benefits and resources of the country, they are those who are executing their due role. Our vision and strategy is to relentlessly work day and night so as to drive our country to higher stage of development and ensure that all who made their due contribution receive a fair share of the benefits. We are working towards this goal and we have no other objective that supersedes this.”

Thus as President Isaias pointed out, members of the Defense Forces who sacrificed their blood and toil in safeguarding the nation and are now striving to fulfill the pledge to our martyrs while disregarding all temporary problems will take precedence when it comes to sharing the economic benefits and resources of the country. Those who saw more will certainly reap more.

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