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Ethiopia At A Decisive Stage Between Its People And The TPLF (Part X and Final)

Servitude: One Of The Main Reasons For The Downfall Of Ethiopia’s Regimes

The tale of Ethiopian colonialists is a history of disgrace founded in loss of self-confidence among themselves and lack of trust in their very own principles and resources. Emperor Haileselasie was during his reign a trusted puppet of superpowers such as the US; he permitted the US Administration to establish a base here in Eritrea and in turn received his share of rewards for his timid services. The Emperor even intended to lengthen his tenure of his monarchy by selling the lives of thousands of peoples in operations conducted in Korea and Congo. Again, the Derg regime sustained its 17-year leadership by holding tight to the former Soviet Union. By the end of the day however, the said superpowers and external support, which they once worshiped could not secure the power of both leaders by suppressing the legitimate rights of the people.
Having no representation of the Ethiopian population or the people of Tigray, the Woyane clique like the past Ethiopian leaders could not build up confidence in it self from the very beginning. As a matter of fact, the TPLF regime did not have goals and political programs that would benefit the people, except for its naïve hunger for power and reaping off the country’s resources using its authority. Accordingly, it was not late before the TPLF regime could trace political brokers for mercenaries such as Prof. Paul Hentze, and commenced its master-servant friendship with the US Administration. Indeed, the powers that instigate chaos among populations and ensure incessant exploitation of resources would look forward to get egocentric servants that only care about their personal interests and not the interests of their people. Hence, the TPLF regime was qualified enough to be named the sole US Administration’s mercenary in the region and ensure the money flow and support like the rest of US agents to suppress the very rights of their own peoples.

In the previous presentations of this article, we have seen the TPLF regime’s self-degrading inferiority complex, which ultimately led to undermining of what the same regime has considered giants in the country. In view of that, the TPLF regime followed racist political trend instigating conflicts among the many societies in the nation and widened the natural cultural gap that led to the current state of affairs in Ethiopia. Fraud administrations such as the US, that consider themselves as “Teachers of democracy” and exploit other peoples’ resources in the name of “democracy”, are therefore architects of the so-called “Federal Administration” in Ethiopia that toils to squash the country’s political giants through racial politics. Surprisingly, the Administration puts on some political make ups to make the actual happening look like a trait of advanced administration and promote the TPLF by providing it arms, while the regime has not shown a single respect to its own people, suppressed just and legitimate question of the people, as well as disrupting peace and stability of the region. Hence, as a result of the TPLF regime’s racist policy with the blessing of western powers, the entire people of Ethiopia have over the past 16 years been deprived of their rights and their values were violated by this minority regime.
The TPLF mission was not only limited to suppressing the Ethiopian people but also crumbling the peace and prosperity that prevailed in the region. This puppet regime has proven itself a hunchback of the Horn of Africa by indulging itself to the foreign forces. Consequently, the regime has launched an open invasion against Eritrea and Somalia and had also pursued political and economic agendas to interfere in the internal affairs of Kenya, Sudan and Djibouti.

Indeed, this minority regime that sustained its rule by serving the interests of western powers is therefore not Ethiopian in essence. This being so, if there was anybody that was shocked when the people of Ethiopia unanimously voted out the TPLF regime in the may 2005 elections, it was the Western forces that claim to be “advocates of democracy and supporters of popular choice”. Hence, to rescue the tyrannical regime from demise and ensure continuity of the regime’s servitude under their wings, the western powers employed their usual double standard political mechanisms and initiated their doomsday conspiracy backing the regime in suppressing the voices of the public coercively. Even though these powers are pampering the TPLF regime with billions of dollars and millions of tons of aid, it hadn’t been able to stand independently. At this point in time, the regime is being trapped in the web it intertwined itself to plunge its own people into a quagmire of chaos and is burning by the fire it set ablaze to disrupt the peace and stability of the region. As a result the regime has once again proved that no authority that counts on the blessing of foreign powers can sustain its power!

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