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Through Work We Shall Mount Resolute Rebuff And Advance

The nation has already begun celebrating the 19th anniversary of Independence Day with great zeal and enthusiasm more than ever before under the theme: “Through Work We Shall Mount Resolute Rebuff And Advance”.

This year’s Independence Day anniversary celebrations coincide with the Year of Resolute Rebuff and Reinforcing National Strength. The Eritrean people inside the country and abroad, including members of the Defense Force have resolutely and with a united as well as resounding voice denounced the unjust and illegal US sanctions resolution, thus sending a clear message to enemy quarters. External enemies and their stooges entertain hope, though in vain, to witness the Eritrean people getting ‘intimidated’ with the sanctions resolution they had instigated, and thus succumb to their wicked ploy. However, to their dismay the Eritrean people at home and abroad have vowed, in the name of the martyrs, to mount resolute and integrated rebuff to enemy conspiracies, and thereby ensure full emancipation.

Now, too, they are actively engaged in all-round preparations to colorfully celebrate the 19th anniversary of Independence Day as well as this year’s Martyrs Day and the national festivals with ever greater zeal, and thus once again convey a vivid message of national resolute rebuff to enemy quarters.

Thanks to our spirit of sacrifice, we are presently standing on solid ground through having overcome the biggest hurdle. The sweetest and ever more reliable opportunities lie head. What’s more, we shall mount resolute rebuff and advance through putting up intensified hard work in line with our cherished principle of an independent path- the secret of our success. In the same vein, we will enthusiastically celebrate the 19th anniversary of Independence Day in an ever greater spirit of resolute rebuff and unity, and thus convey a clear and unmistakable “NO!” message to enemy quarters.


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