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Diplomacy of Peace and Development

The vision of the people and government of Eritrea is to create a nation of work in which peace, prosperity and justice prevail. And for such a vision to become a reality, the prevalence of secure and stable regional and global environment is very important condition. Hence, the foreign policy of Eritrea stems from such a perspective and seeks to ensure peace, justice and mutual coexistence on its regional and global dealings.


It’s unthinkable for any given nation to register growth by isolating itself from its region as well as the world. Thus, it is the wish of the people and government of Eritrea that the nations of the world should strive to amplify the positive aspects they posses and find a solution to the blunders that were inherited or created; though nonetheless they present a challenge to the developmental schemes. Such an altruistic viewpoint has allowed Eritrea to work through its diplomatic channels and apply its fullest efforts to establish a historic, economic as well as cultural link that will aid in the attainment of common economic and developmental drive for the nations of our region from the early days. Eritrea’s efforts that are devoid of any hidden agendas except the wish to ensure peace, prosperity and political stability are confirmed by all accounts.

The foreign policy of Eritrea is a policy that channels the people and nations of our region and the world into a bright future on top of being a policy of peace and development that promotes peace and prosperity for all peace and development loving and development societies. However, such a harmonious policy could not be favorably viewed by entities that seek to establish reigns of chaos and turmoil so as to benefit from the mayhem. But, the consciousness being cultivated on every part of the world that demands the establishment of peace, prosperity, justice and common progress will ultimately triumph.

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