Business is booming.

Efficient health service being provided in Halib-Mentel and Titeri

The inhabitants of Halib-Mentel and Titeri administrative areas stated that they are leading a better life style as a result of the expansion of health service.

They stated that the population has already become beneficiary of efficient medical service thanks to the opening of a number of health centers in different parts of the country. The local inhabitants further highlighted the paramount importance of community-based activities in nurturing a healthy and civilized society.

They went on to say that the spread of communicable diseases has dramatically dropped as a result of the growing public awareness regarding the significance of modern medical service owing to the continued campaign and lectures.

Also in a meeting with the inhabitants, the head of environmental sanitation in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Kesete Araya, pointed out that community-based sanitation activities have vital role to play in nurturing a healthy and productive society.

He explained that the inhabitants of Gilas, Adi-Omar, Filfil, She’ib-Seleba, Libena, Halhal, Aretai, Mai-Lihim, Titeri and Halib-Mentel have already begun using toilets.


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