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Strenuous efforts being exerted to ensure potable water supply in Keren town

The efforts being exerted to ensure reliable potable water supply in Keren town are bearing fruitful outcome, according to Mr. Ande Adhanom, head of water supply branch in the town.

He explained that the residents were obtaining potable water from the Anseba and Dearit rivers through water distribution stations, tap water and water tankers. 5 feeder wells have also been cleared up in Anseba River so as to ease potable water supply problem, Mr. Ande added.

He further pointed out that semi-underground micro-dams are being constructed around the Anseba and Adi-Hashel rivers so as to ensure the provision of sufficient potable water to the public. In this respect, Mr. Ande indicated the underground micro-dams constructed in Halib-Mentel are making due contribution to this end.

Noting that potable water distribution mechanism in the surroundings of the town has been improved, Mr. Ande outlined future action plan of the branch office focusing on ensuring equitable distribution of potable water supply.


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