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The Congregation of the Youth in the Platform of Common Desire

Any given nation belongs to the successive generations who live in it.  And the sole purpose of any generation – or the one that either precede or follow it is to make sure the following generation’s way of life is made better. It is for this fact that parent’s care for their children without wanting any sort of compensation. They do it because they desire that their offspring are mentally and physically superior and allow them to lead a better life. It is also the duty of the society and government to encourage and assist in the development of the youth so as future generations will be responsible and able to lead better lives. Hence, the investment that family, societies and governments make in development programs such as educations and other things is for the benefit of the youth and particularly the coming generations. A person endowed with both skill and knowledge becomes an asset worth more than anything for a nation. As it is so, in our national endeavor to ensure economic emancipation, more focus is being given to developing human resources especially in the youth so as to enable them to have a better future.  Alongside the efforts that are being exerted to enhance the capacity of the youth, the work to instill political and cultural values of previous generations should build-up.

The people of Eritrea have been able to acquire their Independence and managed to cross all hurdles by standing firm against all aggressions thanks to their special societal values and norms. Some of those values were present ever since ancient times in our society, and some were cultivated in our long struggle against colonialism. But they all have become a bridge for our national consciousness, unity and modern perspective. Had it not been for those cherished values, the people of Eritrea wouldn’t be able to sustain in the face of the challenges they faced.

Even today, our nation building endeavor to strengthen our all round freedom in all fronts could only succeed through those above mentioned cherished values. Consequently, efforts should be exerted to preserve and uphold the values that have enabled us to become an independent nation and will allow us to grasp our national vision by everyone, especially the youth. A legacy of those cherished values should be bestowed to future generations, because, in this time of globalization, managing to preserve your identity and culture will allow you to keep your independence and sovereignty.

The Eritrean youth, if they are to perform feats like the past generations should preserve cherished and highlight values such as love of nation and patriotism, perseverance, dedication and steadfastness, hard-work, innovation and repel foreign cultural invasions that propagate individualist attitudes and bring about the decay of society and communal life. And to perform this, the youth should come to the platform of common desire and show their dedication to realize our national targets and renew their pledge to show that the legacy still endures.

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