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Martrydom: Honored Culture of Eritreans

Sacrificing oneself so as others could enjoy a better life is a rich value and culture that can only be found in very few societies. It is actually hard to comprehend the existence of such an exalted practice that gave a priority to the need of others in a world that’s tainted by greed, superficiality as well as materialism. Nonetheless, this fact highlights the civilized immaculate culture we have. Putting oneself at risk and paying with your life on behalf of someone you love is a great sacrifice. And sacrificing oneself for the good of society and your people is something beyond comparison in the universe, let alone the world.

It is natural for people to ask for some sort of compensation if they do something for someone. But a citizen who has lived in such a reality, and paid with his life to hand us our independence and sovereignty can not be compared to anything. Hence, even though it doesn’t come close to their deed, one should strive to honor their memory. Someone who has done a good deed for someone else by forgoing his money, honor, status as well as comfort might be compensated eventually. But a life sacrificed never comes back to its owner but rather it has a way of coming back to the living. It illuminates and gives life to the living. It provides consciousness to those who lack it; it instills values such as determination, endurance and resolve. It is that life that provides citizens a driving force in their service to nation and country. The words “let us not forget their trust” reflect on this reality.

One of the values that we take pride on is martyrdom. The hardships we had to overcome to attain our independence if we look back in time, we realize that our heroes slept on hard ground enduring hunger and thirst in prison cells and jails everywhere to bring us this independence. Therefore, our Martyrs are the example of this cherished culture of martyrdom. They are the ones that have laid the foundations of the culture that takes care of our unity. And until the day we manage to preserve their culture and values, they will always be with us in spirit.


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