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Mendefera town residents pledge to enhance assistance to families of martyrs

Mendefera, 19 June 2010 – The residents of Mendefera town expressed determination to enhance support to families of martyrs as this years June 20 is being commemorated at a time when the Eritrean people are dealing resolute rebuff to enemy acts of conspiracy.

They stated that the prevailing peace and stability in the country is the outcome of the heavy sacrifices paid, and stressed that every citizen is duty-bound to assist children and families of martyrs.

The residents went on to say that Martyrs Day is an event in which Eritrean people commemorate fallen  heroes with pride and dignity, and that supporting martyrs families is not the responsibility of the Government alone but also that of the general public.

In a related report, a benefit scheme was paid to families of fallen heroes in Adi-Keih sub-zone. The beneficiaries expressed satisfaction with the moral and financial assistance being extended to them on the part of the people and the Government.


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