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She’ib Massacre Commemoration shoulders us responsibility to reinforce honoring the trust of martyrs: Local inhabitants

Sheib, 19 June 2010 – The inhabitants of Sheib and its environs said that the Commemoration of the Sheib Massacre shoulders us all the responsibility of honoring the trust of martyrs through redoubling endeavors towards building a prosperous nation.

Dr. Jabir Mohammed Idris who was a kid and narrowly survived the Sheib massacre on 12 June 1988 in which 400 nationals, most of whom mothers and children, were barbarically massacred through chains of tanks and machine guns on the part of troops of the Derg regime.

Dr. Jabir who graduated at the doctorial level on the basis of the countrys internal resource for the first time said that the event reminds us all to renew pledge of honoring the trust of martyrs.

The head of the NUEW branch in Sheib, Ms. Amna Ismael, stated that the atrocities committed in the area is part of the barbaric acts perpetuated by colonial forces in different parts of the country. She further stated that the erection of the monument in Sheib provides added impetus to the peoples commitment of honoring the trust of martyrs.

The local inhabitants expressed satisfaction with the erection of a monument.


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