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Eritrean citizen in Khartoum and Rome commemorate Martyrs Day with patriotic zeal

Eritrean citizens in Khartoum and Rome commemorated Martyrs Day with patriotic spirit.
Asmara, 21 June 2010 – Eritrean citizens in Khartoum and Rome commemorated Martyrs Day with patriotic spirit.

In the commemoration they held, Eritrean nationals in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum voiced determination to enhance support to families of fallen heroes whose loved ones sacrificed their dear lives in achieving independence and safeguarding the nation’s sovereignty.

Speaking on the occasion, the Eritrean Ambassador to Sudan, Mr. Issa Ahmed Issa, pointed out that June 20 is a great Day that reminds us all to renew our pledge  to honor the trust of martyrs through practical work. He further explained that impressive tasks are being accomplished in all domains with a view to ensuring social justice and economic emancipation.

Noting that the secrete behind registering such achievements lies on reinforcing unity, Ambassador Issa lauded Eritrean citizens at home and abroad for making due contribution in supporting the families and children of martyrs.

Expressing commitment to step up assistance to families of fallen heroes through standing alongside the Government, the nationals immediately donated 40,000 Nakfa in support of martyrs’ families.

Likewise, Eritrean citizens living in Rome, Italy, conducted candle vigil and procession in memory of martyrs. The chairman of the holidays’ coordinating committee, indicated that the martyrs’ families assistance program is underway in an enhanced manner, and called on the nationals to reinforce such benevolent gesture.

The Eritrean Ambassador to Italy, Mr. Zemede Tekle, stressed the need for renewed commitment in honoring the trust of martyrs.

Cultural presentations featured in the course of the commemorative event characterized with active youth participation.

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