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Our Youth, Guarantors of Our Future

The Eritrean National Youth Festival will be held between the 16th and 18th of July 2010 in Sawa under the banner theme, Our Youth, Guarantors of our Future. The depth of such a theme and its meanings could be endless. As it is known, the journey any given society embarks on is a journey of self- improvement and development.   And improvement comes with an accumulation of all the intelligence acquired and finally results in overcoming challenges to attain your dreams and desires. This is the primary objective for individual as well as nations. And the challenges of nations are the ultimate summation of the challenges against their youth. Hence, the Youth are essential parts of any nation whose task is to perform the nation’s work and brighten the future and overcome its challenges through their innovation and intelligence.
It is the duty of the youth to work to improve the well-being of their respective societies. When a nation throws its weight in nation-building and development endeavors, it’s the duty of the youth to take responsibility and spearhead those endeavors for development by playing a dual role in such an undertaking. Such an opportunity comes as a huge benefit for countries like Eritrea, which is very eager to develop. Only few nations’ possess a nationalistic and patriotic youth force that works and toils to build their country. In this regard, Eritrea possesses a sizable capital. All in all, in any given society, it is the youth that carries the weight and takes responsibility of all the hurdles in life.
The decisive role of the youth is clearly being exemplified in the different developmental fronts Eritrea is engaged on. The Eritrean Youth are working to develop Eritrea’s social-economic structures as well as our food security. Because of the fact that the Eritrean Youth have already decided that future generations will lead a better life if they work today, they’ve become the steering wheel for Eritrea’s future. Thanks to all the accomplishments registered to date by the youth, the bright horizon of Eritrea’s future is near.
The foundation of any development is thinking. And the youth who tend overcome the global conceptual trap laid on them and be able to develop a free line of thinking are a generation of youth that one can be proud of and expect to perform miracles that are to be remembered for generations to come. Our Youth continually face and overcome traps laid by external forces. Previous generations of Eritrean Youth, not wanting to adopt the imposed colonial state of mind, fought against colonialism for more that quarter of a century.  And just like yesterday, it is the youth that are guiding and steering the nation by working for its growth.
The core value of modern live hood these days has become economic emancipation. And being a proud owner of a tradition that allows you to guide and steer your economy is something that can only begotten through adherence to principles of self-reliance. As it is known, capitalists and imperialists have been extending their tentacles to all 3rd world nations and are actively engaged in introducing their values under the guise of free market. Hence, the Eritrean Youth have been tirelessly working in the free economic and political lines established by the Government of Eritrea to preserve our values, so that we will not have a repeat scenario of those populations that have nominal independence and are run through proxy controls. In short, our political, economic and social strongholds are thanks to the work being done on part of the youth, the youth that’s working to preserve the legacy of past generations. Honor be to the Eritrean Youth.

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