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A Productive Youth: the Foundation of Civilization

The core foundation of the existence of a society being the economic sector; its survival also depends on the production system employed by that society. And, even though the factors that drive and contribute to progress are many, all of them are created by men, and especially the youth. The youth, are the main producers of end products and therefore the motors of their respective societies.

Thus, some external forces whose agenda is and are used to taking what’s not theirs, duly observing the decisive role the youth play in developing their respective nations; attempt to target the youth and their systems of organization of those nations.In our country Eritrea, just like the hardships we had to endure to free it from the yokes of colonization, we’re also enduring a challenging set of state-of-affairs in our endeavor to build it. This is the primary responsibility of the youth and they play a pivotal role in guiding it.

To date, much has been accomplished by this undertaking given the fact that we don’t have a lot of resources at our disposal. We’re working to ditch the traditions of aid and charity and have accomplished tangible results in ensuring food security. And in social services, commendable results and exemplary feats have been registered such as reducing maternal and infant mortality rates, construction of roads that link different parts of the nations as well as laying the framework for the infrastructure. Moreover, a great leap has been registered in expanding communication systems and electricity in our country. This attests to and is the result of the Eritrean youth’s productivity and innovation.

Even though the main essence of development is the desire to work, the level of production differs from society to society depending on the level of technological advancement and machinery utilized for production. And each respective society living in the world tends to develop and have their own and certain level of innovation and skill. And one of the main indentifying factors for Eritreans is technological innovation. The history of our struggle stands witness to this fact as it was yesterday’s history that we achieved our independence through this factor that had an immense contribution. Even today, the development endeavors being accomplished by internal capacity, such as bridges, dams, reservoirs, roads, railroads and docks among other things highlight this truth.

Hence, today’s Eritrean workforce is composed of productive youngsters that are arming themselves with practical know-how in their pursuit to build their country as well as working at the same time by mobilizing their knowledge and capacity for the benefit of their nation. Glory and Honor be to the Eritrean youth, who are heralding progress of Eritrea.

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