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Eritrean Youth: Competent Inheritor of Societal Values

Youth of every stage, is social stratum who has special responsibility to shoulder to steer and direct history. And if the youth are to take responsibility for the nation and its people, it must first fully understand and comprehend the values of its respective society, and use them as its guiding compass. And a society that strives to satisfy its longing for progress must first arm the youth with modern knowledge and technology. For the importance of human resource development is significant for economic emancipation as well as overall development of a nation.  Anything besides this, anything that discounts the roles of social values and norms upon development can not be expected to resist and withstand global hostilities and aggressions.

For us Eritreans, yesterday’s, todays or even tomorrow’s unwavering assurances for the triumph of our struggles in many fronts have always been our social values. In the bitter times, we Eritreans had to endure in the quest for our independence and at the time where no one came to our aid, the only assurance and resource we had was our values. And when our sovereign territory was once again annexed, our values saved us from occupation. Hence, our values are latent arms that make up the Eritrean collective state of mind that we use to resist, repel and overturn aggressions against us.

The work that has been performed by the Eritrean youth in the national development endeavor as well as in defending the nation has clearly shown them capable of receiving the legacy of our values. For the Eritrean youth are working tirelessly, following in the path of its predecessors and performing heroic feats on top of working to create a nation whose citizens will be satisfied in. In fact, exemplary tasks have already been accomplished that could set the precedent for future generations. All the efforts that have taken place in an attempt to produce a generation of youth who are proud and patriotic about our heritages and use our rich social values and norms as references in summation with the desire of our youth for this legacy; have achieved its target.

The Eritrean national values that have enabled us to perform feats in the quest for independence also have become the driving force in our national development endeavor. We’re witnessing the benefit of handing such a bequeathment and when the youth become acquainted with their history. And surely enough, it’s only the youth who know their history, legacy as well as are proud of their identity are capable of making history. Glory to the Eritrean Youth: the competent inheritor of societal values.

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